Our Guarantee

What is the standard guarantee on EDDOGO.com?


Shopping on EDDOGO.com ,you can buy gratified product ,at the same time, also enjoy good shopping guarantee!

We check all of your orders during the packing stage to make sure that you are getting what you’ve paid for.

We have a strict testing process to ensure the products you’ve ordered are functionally correct before they are packed and sent to you. This is above and beyond the normal quality assurance checks that all the goods have passed on the factory line.

Phone parts, Phone accessories, Repair tools, Car electronics, Game accessories ect are all covered by a 3-MONTH WARRANTY for replacement or repair (as of the delivery date). Delivery date here is defined as the shipping date of your order, as shown in the "Order List".

Please read the following terms so as to better understand the EDDOGO warranty before making a purchase.


1Missing Item

      Item(s) missing completely or partially from an order


2Cosmetic Damage

      Physical damage on product’s surface or shell


3Wrong Product Received

      Product that is completely different from the EDDOGO description


4.   Verified Functional Failure

      Failure that makes the device unusable, repairing of which needs to change board, screen, reset cables, etc


5.   Warranty Period


     The period of time between the shipping date (as recorded on the EDDOGO website) and the RMA application date.   



 But No including

1.  Customer Induced Damage

      Damage caused by customer's incorrect operation or insufficient protection, including but not limited to broken screen, moisture, scratch, rust etc.


2.  Defective Product Claim

      Product is claimed as defective by customers, but passed initial quality control inspection by EDDOGO engineers


3.  Out Of Warranty

      Product that exceeds the warranty period


4.  Non-Authorized Return

     Customer returned the product(s) without EDDOGO authorization (RMA Approval)


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, thanks.